7 Day Prayer Miracle


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Discover If This Powerful 4-Sentence Prayer Can Help You Manifest Your Deepest Desires, Abundance and Divine Wisdom.

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In This Video You Will Discover:

Scientists from The Institute of HeartMath basically proved prayer opens up our DNA codes and remove stress once and for all.

Prayer is SCIENTIFICALLY proven to put you in a Theta state far quicker than anything else on Earth.

How Archangel Michael appeared miraculously and changed my life forever.

Prayer is powerful, but what you pray for matters equally as well.

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About Amanda Ross

Just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined I would live such an INTENSELY blessed life. Not even in my wildest dreams.

Not when I was deep in debt, creditors harassing me, my bedridden husband in hospital and my marriage in shambles… Every single day I struggled getting up because I felt suffocated by fear, depression and anxiety as I shielded my 3 young children from the brutal reality. 
Now it’s a totally different story.  
I’m financially free, with lots of money in the bank and those dreaded creditor calls a thing of the past.   
I have a sizzling marriage with my soul mate of a husband. He’s my celestial twin flame. It’s a fairy tale marriage that’s FAR better than what I envisioned when I was little girl dreaming of my Prince Charming.  
I’d found my divine purpose in sharing with thousands about the power of prayer and the delights of Archangel Michael. I have found my happiness and joy.   
Come embark on this soul journey of infinite love with me. I’m inviting you to ascend to the stunning realm of miracles where you can manifest every one of your heart’s deepest desires.   
Would you join me? 

About 7 Day Prayer Miracle

We believe that prayer is the most powerful method to manifest miracles. We have done an in-depth research in the ancient scriptures as well as in modern scientific studies, and we have put our heart and soul into this online program.
We are convinced that Prophet Daniel’s method of praying can change hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. 

(You Will Be Exposed To Powerful Information)

“Sometimes all it takes, is just ONE PRAYER to change everything…”

Amanda Ross

Author of “7 Day Prayer Miracle”